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The idea is to start by using Story Publisher Adv (self train or take a 5-day training course) to orally translate and publish an audio-visual Bible panorama and work on key terms while practicing oral translation processes and principles.  Then merge into using Honey Bee (very similar interface as SPadv but with added exegetical helps and alternate renderings) to do oral Scripture translation and micro-publishing.

Oral Bible Story Translation and Video Publication                >>>>>                      Oral Bible Translation with Audio-Visual Scripture Exports

"Share the Fire" strategy concept:  

Excellent software and resources:



My Word is a fire, declares the Lord.  Jer. 23.29

You make fire and flames to be your messengers.  Ps. 104:4

The Lord spoke to you out of the fire.  Deut. 4:12

Flames of fire appeared and settled on each one of them.  Acts 2:3

His name is ... the Word of God.  His eyes are like fire.  Rev. 19:11-13

Credits:  arrow and fire icons from Google Images.  App icons copyrighted by Tyndale Bible Translators.